Thursday, February 23, 2012

Fighting Wrinkles - Olay

This time around I have the opportunity to try out Olay Regenerist Wrinkle Revolution Complex Moisturizer. I received the product from Glamour Magazine. I must say that in the week that I have used it I have seen some improvement in my skin.  It feels smoother and has a healthier glow to it. I think I still need to use it longer to notice a change in the thin area around my eyes, where crow’s feet have started to form. I do wish the lotion had SPF already included in it so I wouldn’t have to put on another separate layer of product. Olay is always coming up with new ways to make my skin better and I look forward to their new innovations.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Jason Wu for Target

I was lucky enough to score two pieces! My must have item was the black pleated skirt and I found one. It was a size bigger than what I would usually wear, but apparently the size runs a bit small so it was perfect. I paired it with the Tee with Tie in Cream, although I really wanted the blush colored one. I might have to hunt it down. It is so comfy! I'm very happy with my choices. I wish my particular Target store had more options, but they were very limited in what they carried. This sales launch was a lot more calm than the Missoni (where I had to wait 3 months before receiving the items I ordered) and felt that the customers were not being as greedy when purchasing. All in all the quality matches the price. Don't expect a real designer feel as again this is Target. But I do believe the price is justified for the line.

Finally - Hunter Boots

After many, many months of debating if I should shell out some cash for some Hunter Rain Boots I finally decided yes. I am ecstatic to finally own a pair. I decided I might as well go all out and went to for a discounted pair of Jimmy Choo boots. I might as well reap the rewards the site offers. The boots arrived just a few days ago. I love the box! The boots fit perfectly. The only downside was trying to take them off. It was quite a comedic scene as I was having the toughest time removing them. The suction the shoe provides was strong. Which in a rain boot is what you want, you don't want your boot to get stuck in mud and just get pulled off. I am looking forward to some rainy (or snowy) days in Chicago, but seems like none is in sight...for now.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012