Friday, March 22, 2013

Crystal Light Liquid

I'm so bad at getting my daily recommended water intake. So I'm always relying on products to add to my water. I usually use the single powder servings of Crystal Light but their new product is even better and easier to use. It's called Crystal Light Liquid and comes in a small convenient bottle.

All you have to do is squeeze once per 8 ounces (or more if you like). For my bottle of water I do 2 squirts and I'm good to go.

Glamour sent me Pomtini flavor and of course it's delicious.  I heart pomegranate. And the best part, aside from flavor, is that it is zero calories and sugar free. So here's to fulfilling my New Years resolution of drinking more water!

Note: I received the product last week...and well, it's all gone now. I guess I drank a lot of water!

Curve Appeal

Sexy, confident, cool. What girl wouldn't want to feel this way? Now you can. Curve has a new scent that is a blend of apple, jasmine, amber, and vanilla. It's a soft feminine scent that I enjoyed wearing. Thanks Glamour!

Living Proof - Here's the Proof!

Glamour recently sent me a sample of Living Proof Prime Style Extender. I was super excited to try as I always Jennifer Aniston in their ads.

What exactly is it? A weightless hairstyling primer that protects and extends the life of your style. Just like a makeup primer that helps your makeup stay and look good for a longer time, this product does the same for your hair!

According to their website, "Prime detangles, corrects cuticle texture, and is so perfecting it can be worn alone, yet so weightless it can be layered under your favorite styler".

So now for my results. I'm always looking for a great product for my semi-curly hair. It's seems so many products out there just dry out and weigh my hair down. I found that with this product, applied to damp hair, really helped my hair stay frizz free. There was no need to retouch my hair in the middle of the day to "reactivate" the product in my hair. Every minute I can save fixing my hair is a lifesaver.