Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Staying Fashionably Warm in Fur from the Fur Salon at Saks

As the temperature drops in Chicago I can’t help but think how cold I am. How can I keep warm in these frigid temps! One way to do just that is to get the newest looks from the Fur Salon at Saks 5th Avenue. Chic fur pieces have always been fashionable and a way for women to look classy. Although I've never owned a fur, I have always imagined being in one. Below are two looks that are very hip and stylish. Definitely a look you can wear everyday to work or play. Prices available upon request. (But if you look quickly you will find that they are currently 30-50% off)! Visit for more looks. Or come back Monday and see another two looks I'll be posting!

The black coat is black dyed shearling lamb with leather self belt and sleeves. I'd definitely keep the look simple and sophisticated with this coat. I'd wear a short black dress, some knee high boots, and use white accessories to add a bit of pop. 

I personally love the taupe colored coat. Plush dyed mink adorns the color and cuffs of this french-inspired quilted leather coat with obi-style belt, zip front and pockets. It is also available in metallic black. For those us who aren't used to wearing so much fur this is the perfect amount. A little goes a long way! I'd make sure to wear something fun and comfortable for taking that walk under the city lights. A darker color jean will give a great contrast to the taupe. 

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

I Love My UGGS - Get Educated

The last couple of days I've been noticing a lot of friends post this article onto their Facebook pages. But I wonder how many of them actually took the time to research what was being said. The article in question is about UGGs and animal cruelty. I personally love my UGGs. They keep my feet warm in this cold Chicago weather.

If you visit the parent website of Uggs: Deckers Outdoor Corporation, you will see their statement concerning animal welfare. In short - “UGG® Australia, we want consumers to know about the sheepskin used in our products. We are among the leaders in ethical supply chain for consumer goods, and particularly the sourcing of sheepskin.  UGG does not use sheepskin unless it is a byproduct of the meat industry.”

Like many products we wear or use, such as leather boots, purses, furs, etc, many come from an animal. And although I am sure there are those companies out there that are not ethical, I feel that UGGs is giving me a product I like without being cruel to animals. So to my friends, who only posted the post but didn’t look at both sides of the story, please take a moment to read about what the Decker Outdoor Company is doing to be ethically humane. Please feel free to comment and voice your opinion.

And with that I’d like to share some of my favorite looks from UGG Australia. Requires flash to view.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Free Birds - A Fun Family Holiday Movie! Plus Chuck E. Cheese Giveaway!

Chuck E. Cheese provided me with materials to review. The opinions I shared are my own.

I was excited for his past Wednesday evening as I was finally taking my nieces out to a movie (along with my brother and sister-in-law). They always feel so grown up when we take trips in the evening. What movie? Free Birds! As soon as the girls found out the news it sure ruffled up some feathers of excitement! And hopefully on Saturday we’ll take a trip to Chuck E. Cheese to for a pizza dinner! As a family this is one place we can all enjoy ourselves. Sometimes I think the adults have more fun than the kids!

Can you tell these girls are excited! #FreeBirds

The movie just premiered on November 1st, and what a great way to start the holiday season. The buddy comedy Free Birds stars two turkeys from opposite sides of the track who must put aside their differences and team up to travel back in time to change the course of history – and get turkey off the menu for good. The turkeys are voiced by Owen Wilson as Reggie, and Woody Harrelson as Jake. I’m all about the girl power and couldn't wait to hear Amy Poehler as Jenny. I don’t want to give any of the movie away, but I was entertained as it has some funny jokes. I even heard my brother laughing at some of the parts. It’s just like Chuck E. Cheese – Fun for all!

This also happens to be Chuck E. Cheese’s big-screen debut. To help promote the movie Chuck E. Cheese’s locations will feature exclusive Free Birds merchandise and activities as part of the company’s fall in-store promotion. From collectible Rock-N-Wristbands available with any pizza purchase deal to printable activities for the kids, there are lots of fun and exciting activities surrounding the partnership. Plus there are two calendars that that the kids can fill out to get free tokens! So while you’re watching the movie you might catch a glimpse or two of a Chuck E. Cheese pizza box. Visit the website for more details at

For your chance to win a guest pass good for one large pizza, four soft drinks and 30 tokens enter below, everyday through November 20th. I'll pick a winner on Thursday, November 21st at Noon! In the mean time check out the trailer for Free Birds!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Chicago Bears - Meijer Football 101 presented by Chase

What a great Ladies Night event held by the Chicago Bears! Its Meijer Football 101 presented by Chase. I got lucky and won an invite to this event last minute. I'm so glad I got to attend. At first I was like 4 hours? But now I'm thinking it should have have been 6! There was so much to do and see that I feel I missed out on some things. There were a lot of ladies there, all pretty much decked out in their best Bears gear. Surprisingly (other than jerseys) everyone had on a different shirt or sweatshirt. Apparently there is that much Bears merchandise for ladies now. I remember how hard it would be to find something for me, always having to buy boys or men's shirts. Girls Rule!

I think the most fun I had was trying on the shoulder pads in the locker room, which we got to tour. We were also allowed at field level, but of course we couldn't go on the field. But shhh...we managed to sneak in our feet in for a quick photo op.

We missed out on getting autographs. The lines were just too long. Maybe next time!

The event featured current and rookie Bears players: Isaiah Frey, Josh McCown, Kyle Long, Jon Bostic, and Jordan Mills. All of which were great to listen to. During the Q&A session I was able to ask the guys which team they rooted for while growing up, and if secretly they still rooted for them. Obviously we all can't be perfect and grow up being Bears fans! Loved that everyone gave an honest answer. (Of course a room full of 500 ladies wasn't going to let the opportunity go and ask to get one of guys to take off his shirt or do a little dance, but I'm glad they didn't. The guys stood their ground when they said no. Come on ladies we're here to learn more about the game! How would we react if a bunch of guys asked a group of female athletes to do the same? Sheesh. Any way mini rant over).

This year I saw a lot sponsors there with booths. A great opportunity to interact with the companies. I didn't get to do too much mingling. But I'm glad I stopped by the Pandora booth. I was able to enter a contest to win a Bears inspired bracelet. I was one of 15 winners! What a great night! Can't wait to receive it.

We also received a meal and gift bag. The meal was actually good. We had three sandwich options, chips, and a drink. The gift bag is different every year. This year it was a pair of gloves. Along with a couple of other things. See picture below.

The last thing they did was an auction and raffle. Great prizes and a lot of money collected for a good cause - Bears Care. (alas I was not a winner). But I got a quick hive-five as the guys left the stage. It's the little things...