Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Chuck E. Cheese - Let the Good Times Rip! Game

This past Valentine’s Day it was my niece’s 7th birthday. We celebrated at her favorite party spot, Chuck E. Cheese’s. While we were there they had a new promotion going on. So of course we played the new “Let the Good Times Rip!” in-store game.

To play, you just peel off the game piece on your 18-ounce adult-size cup to see what you won. Super easy! You could win a $5,000 Disney® Cruise Line Vacation, XBox One™ Console, Razor Crazy Cart™, PlayStation® 4 Console, Chuck E. Cheese’s gift cards, board games, tickets and more. You have to chance to play through March 31st (or while supplies last). So head out and visit. You never know you could be a winner.

So what did I win? Five free tickets, LOL. I can’t complain. It’s fun to hope and win something big! #RipItSipItWinIt! Love making family memories at Chuck E. Cheese’s.

FYI: Grand prize winners can go to to redeem their grand prize code. If you win tickets you redeem those at the merchandise counter.

Don’t forget to sign up for the Chuck E-Club® or visit the website to find value deals including pizza, soft drinks and tokens before your next visit to play the game.

If you win share your photo of playing the game and winning on social media using #RipItSipItWinIt. Be sure not to reveal your winning code though!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

It's My Birthday!

This last couple of weeks has of course been busy since we are busy with the new house. But I did manage to have a little fun; after all it was my birthday month!

So just a couple of highlights that just made my day, week, okay month!

I woke up to a Keurig - I've been wanting forever! But I can’t use until we are fully moved into our new place. Ugh, the agony of waiting.

On birthday I had to opportunity to attend Windy City Live, a Chicago talk show. It was a lot of fun. First off, we all got presents - a SodaStream (because of  their SuperBowl XLVIII commercial) and a copy of Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2, thanks Sony Pictures. And then I just happened to volunteer for their ‘after dark’ segment, which airs at night, which is why I did it. I figured it would be fun, and if I made a fool of myself (I did) only a few late watchers would see. It was a riot. A trivia game on Football, but more like only the first few questions. The rest had to do with Super bowl food. In the end this girl (me) won! But no one loses on the show so both of us contestants received a mug and a gift card to Giordano’s! Yay!

Then the day after my birthday it was announced on US 99.5 that my favorite country guy, Dierks Bentley, was going to be in town promoting his new album Riser. I knew it!!! I had a feeling all along he’d do a promo show in the city (as seen on my tweets). Well then the tough news followed…you could only win tickets to the show, no on sale tickets. So I was now stressing more than I was already, just one more thing to add to the list of things to do. Monday, the first day of the giveaway I again had this feeling I would win, I even wrote down a bunch of songs that played that hour as I would have to name 3 to win. As I waited in my car to be the 19th caller, I just kept redialing. I was about to give up after calling 25 times. But I decided no, I would wait until the winner was on the radio. Glad I didn't give up because on that next call I miraculously got through to Drew and won tickets. Yay me! And I wasn't even on the radio till about 5 minutes later, so I heard myself, which is always weird. (And it sounds like we all may be getting a copy of Riser when we attend). It will hopefully be just as awesome (or more) than when I went to his Home CD release party! I’m a bit spoiled when it comes to this dude!

On Saturday, we got hit with some bad snow. I hated driving in it, and I wasn't even the driver! But house stuff had to be done, so we got up early and beat the plows to the road, so needless to say they were bad. My hubby had promised me dinner at Francesca’s for my birthday, but all I wanted to do was cancel. It wasn't worth the dangerous drive. But he was very persistent about going, insisting that we already had a sitter and had to go. I gave in, but didn't even pretty myself up. Well I probably should have. When we arrived the host asked if it was a party of 2. My hubby quickly said he had a reservation for us, and the host brightened up and said ‘oh yes you are in the back’. So then I knew something was up. I figured maybe my brother would be there…close…my honey had arranged for all my friends and brother to be there and join us for dinner. I was very surprised as the hubby doesn't usually pull stuff like this off. Thanks everyone for coming!!! (My BFF Beth couldn't make the drive from Urbana due to the weather…she was missed).

So yes this has definitely been one of the best birthdays ever, and who knows maybe my luck will continue! (Ahem…I’m talking to you LukeBryan and Dierks BentleySoldier Field)!

Alterna Haircare Testimonial for Caviar Anti-Aging

A couple of months ago I was using Alterna Haircare Caviar Anti-Aging. Not sure how long this will be on their website, but I think it's pretty awesome that they chose my video review for the product. I loved this shampoo and conditioner, but wish it wasn't so pricey! It really left may hair looking healthy and it smelled great! You may have seem some ads for it featuring Katie Holmes.

Here's a link!