Friday, May 30, 2014

A Bitter Sweet Goodbye

A couple of days ago I had to say goodbye to some really good friends of mine. It was just time to move on and let them go. And yes goodbyes are always sad, but in this case it was a long time coming. Definitely a relationship that was far longer than I had thought it would be. Two years they were with me almost daily, but in a way I’m glad. It’s like I have found some new freedom.

Thank you to my nursing bras for being there for me! You helped me nurse my sweet little girl for two years, that’s about one year and a half more than I thought I would even last. Of course it sounds funny now as I type this, but seriously they were the best; easy to handle, easy to wash, easy to wear. But I am so ready to go back to wearing my cute, and dare I say sexy, bras. I think having the right bra really helped me keep going with breastfeeding. And of course the support from family and friends was much appreciated.

Who would have thought some $12 Gilligan & O'Malley® bras from Target would be so awesome. I only hope that if there is a next time they’ll be around. Currently I haven’t seen the soft cotton wireless ones at Target.

I have a feeling the person who will be happiest of all is my better half! Sure Maddie missed it at first, and it was so hard on me to tell her no more, but a week later she’s also moved on. I’ll miss Maddie and me time, but now we’ll spend that time doing something else, perhaps reading more books…and maybe indulging on the things I couldn't have before…Hello coffee, wine, beer and spirits! Here’s to a different kind of summer (compared to the last two years)!

Friends come and go, but it’s the ones that leave a lasting impression that matter most.

A tough couple of nights for this kiddo, but happy as a clam now

Thursday, May 22, 2014

#LashOut with Physicians Formula Sexy Booster Mascara

I was given a free sample to review. All opinions are my own. 

Thank you to Harper’s Bazaar for sending over Physicians Formula NEW! Sexy Booster™ Va Va Voom Volume Mascara for me to try out.

First of all, I was happily surprised with the way the mascara was packaged. The tube it comes it definitely screams out S-E-X-Y! It has on over lay of “velvet lace”. Nice touch. And to give it some extra Va Va Voom, a cute heel charm.

I've been wearing the mascara for a little over a week. The brush is good. It’s “bristles’ are pretty spread out which I think helps in keeping the clumpy look away. It is a 24-hour wear mascara, but seeing as I do like to sleep I can only tell you about the 16 hours I was wearing it. After I curled my lashes I had to put on about 3 coats since my lashes are short, and straight. It stayed on, didn't smudge or streak. I felt that the extra coats added some length to my lashes. Love when a product can do that for me. The best part is that the mascara retails for just under $10. And if you hurry into Target, they have a promo: Buy one Physician’s Formula cosmetic, get one free – Score! Now through 5/24/14. Enjoy and #LashOut!

My Springtime look, keeping it simple. Just a dusting of gold and brown tone eye-shadows and some mascara. 

Friday, May 16, 2014

Time for A Small Change - Hair Makeover!

Ah, mother’s day, a day for me to enjoy myself and relax. So this past mother’s day I decided it was finally time to make a change. My daughter was quickly approaching two and it had been forever since I’d done anything with my hair. I wasn't really sure what I wanted to do except for the fact that I wanted it to be noticeable. I for sure was not going to chop off my hair, that I did after I got married and was not thrilled with the results, and neither was my new husband. 

So what change could I make? I went ahead a changed my hair a bit. I decided to go with some highlights, a big change for me. I’m still getting used to them. They are a little too JLO for me, but I’m sure with time they will grow on me. At first sight they weren't that noticeable, but a day later made a big difference on me! 

I love going to the salon. My favorite part is getting my hair washed. Relaxation! I went to Mario Tricoci, a local chain, and got my hair dyed by Liz. She worked super fast…too fast. I had to wait an hour to see Jennafer so she could cut/style my hair! Once my hair was styled, Liz came looking for me to make sure I was happy with the results. I think I was. Like I said I’m still on the fence about it…But I feel pretty. What do you think?

If you plan on booking online, I would still call to find out the pricing as each stylist is different. And the prices online are not always what it will be when you check out. I for one was very surprised when I checked out since I had booked based on the prices. It was a $15 higher! But too late now. All I could do was make sure I told the salon to please update their online pricing system. 

Just had to Rant - Verizon Wireless

So I really need to vent about Verizon Wireless. I received my last cell phone bill and on it was a $15 data overage charge. I thought that was odd as I track it pretty good so I don’t go over. Of course before calling customer service I went through all of my bills with them. I've been a customer for about 6 months now so it didn't hurt to spend some time adding up all the data on those bills. As I suspected all were under my monthly allowance. So when the customer service rep told me I was being charged for activity that didn't make it over from a previous month I said, okay, please show me where I can find this data I’m being charged for. He said I could just add up the numbers on the invoice. I told him I had already done that and I don’t have an overage anywhere. I’m not one to not pay a bill, but I need to see why I’m being charged. Can a company just tell you money is owed without showing proof? That’s crazy. If you can’t show me where this overage is coming from then there’s obviously no overage. If you are able to bill it to me, then you must have something on my bill showing where it came from. This really frustrated me. After a long chat, I was finally given a credit for the $15. There are of course other things that are not making me happy with Verizon, both those, for now, I can live with it. I switched over from AT&T thinking this would be better, but it’s all the same horrible customer service. Why must it take 30 minutes or more with a rep to get a solution? Thank you. Rant over…for now.

As a side note: I also want to add that if are thinking about their wireless jet pack as an at home internet solution, DON”T do it. Not worth it unless all you are going to do is check your email (and not download anything). And having more than one gadget connected? Forget about it!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

#ItsAllClear STILL - Thanks to Murad Acne Clearing Solution

It has been a little over five weeks since I started using Murad’s Acne Clearing Solution and thought I’d share my progress in pictures. I think my skin looks great. And it’s really nice that I haven’t broken out in over a month. Usually I get a least one pimple a month, but this month no so. We’ll see how the next month goes! Thanks to People StyleWatch Stylehunters for this great product! #ItsAllClear

Weeks 1-4

Week 5

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

A Little More Home State Pride

I just wanted to show off a great t-shirt design while at the same time showing off some state pride. Love my home state of Illinois! Megan ( is a one-woman design company and a fellow Chicagoan.

These shirts are comfy, but run a little small. I’m thankful to the website for pointing this out. Got my mini-me one as well. Designs are available for multiple states and are of course super cute and witty (using state abbreviations in the design)!

Illinois - IL love you forever; Arizona - amAZing; California - eye CAndy

You can order on the website or at Some designs are available at Nordstrom and at small area shops. A listing can be found here.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Hot Diggity Dog!

So the last couple of days I've had one hot song stuck in my head. Nope it’s not the latest Justin Timberlake tune…it’s the ending song for The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Can you tell I have a toddler on my hands? Every morning and night it’s the same thing; Mommy, Mickey, Mommy, Mickey. And of course I must comply with this request other wise it’s wailing all the way. And as much as I hate putting Maddie in front of the TV I have to give in (the weather has been less than cooperative). She is very adorable as she watches and sings along. Yep, she says Hot Dog, Hot Dog and tries to dance along.

Hopefully these rainy cold days are behind us as we now enter May…Her birthday month! It’s time to start planning as we will be celebrating next month (June) to combine it with our housewarming. We can’t risk it being a rainy day in May – it’s our cruel Chicago weather.

Can’t believe how quickly she is growing up. On the bright side to her discovering the Disney Channel, she loves Elsa and Olaf from Frozen. That’s a couple of YouTube videos I don’t mind playing for her as I love the songs as well. (I can't wait to one day take her to Disney World)!

But of course with her wanting to watch her shows it means that I have had to put some of my shows on hold. I’m far behind on so many. It’s hard to be on social media and not get something spoiled. This also means sorry to Jimmy Fallon. I've had to bump you for a while, but thank goodness for your YouTube posts. I don’t miss too much as I try and catch up on lunch through short clips.

Dancing and singing with Leo the Lion