Friday, June 27, 2014

Loreal’s Extraordinaire by Colour Riche - Rich and Bold

As part of the People Style Watch Style Hunters I received a sample in order to facilitate to this post.

When it comes to choosing between lipstick and lip gloss, I tend to lean more towards lip gloss. With L'Oreal's Extraordinaire by Colour Riche, I felt like I was getting the best of both worlds. It goes on like a lip-gloss, but it’s thick and almost like a lipstick. The colors are very bold. Especially the Ruby Opera, which is not a color I would typically wear. That is definitely a shade I’d save for evening and special occasions. The more neutral Blushing Harmony is more me, and a work friendly color. The third color I was able to try is Coral Encore, definitely one of my favorites. It’s a color that is on trend and is very fun to wear. Already a staple color for my summer weekends!

I like that its not sticky, but the only down side, as with any lip gloss is that it does need to be re-applied, and it will transfer…so you will see your lips on anything they touch, such as your coffee cup/mug, significant other, etc. 

Blushing Harmony, Coral Encore, and Ruby Opera

Now you can win your very own Extraordinaire in Coral Encore! Winner chosen on July 9th, 2014

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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

How To Make A Color Pop With Accessories

Being part of People StyleWatch Style Hunters has its perks. Recently I was chosen to receive a gift card from Ann Taylor Loft and style an outfit. Check out the photos below and let me know what you think! If you want a chance to become part of this network click here for details.

I picked this dress because I loved the colors in it. And I thought it would be perfect with my clutch. I think picking out a not so prominent color in the dress and adding an accessory in that color really makes it pop. 

Friday, June 13, 2014

Experience #94ShadesofSummer Sunglass Hut

Being part of the Vogue Influencer Network means I get to share a preview of Sunglass Hut's latest summer campaign.

"With more than 3,000 locations in 35 countries, Sunglass Hut is the world’s premiere sunglass destination, offering an unequaled assortment of shades from top designers and iconic brands. Sunglass Hut’s latest campaign celebrates the summer season by encouraging everyone to go beyond their usual routines, embrace their inner adventurer and explore the world in a fresh, new way. All you need is a little wanderlust — and some great shades to heat up your look — 94 shades for all 94 summer days. From sporty, glare-free designs to dramatic, statement-making shapes, Sunglass Hut has a perfect pair for anything you dream up". #94ShadesofSummer

Take a look at my #94ShadesofSummer Lookbook below. My favorite one is Tiffany:

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

At Home Gel Manicures Made Easy by Sally Hansen

I received this product at no cost in order to facilitate my review. All opinions are my own.

After spending and average of $30 per gel manicure I decided it was time to try on the Sally Hansen Gel Manicure Starter Kit. It retails for about $69, but is currently at $40-47 (depending on the color) at Target.  It could pay for itself in less than two visits to the nail salon.  Well lucky for me I got to try the item thanks to Sally Hansen. This kit is good for ten manicures!

After trying it out I have learned that you must follow the directions to a tee. It will make for the best manicure if you follow them and will help to make it last longer. 

For a normal at home nail job, my manicure usually goes about 2-3 days before it chips. This happens when you do everyday things such as dishes, cleaning, typing, and the occasional nail-bite. After I tried this product it was perfect for the first week. I didn't go beyond that simply because after a week I wanted a new color. This particular kit came with a very light pink color called Shall We Dance. So it barely showed, and well I just wasn't crazy about the color. 

You have to be sure that you use a very thin coat and let dry for 30 seconds, before moving on to the next thin coat. And be sure that before you “set” the polish you clean the area on your fingers that my have gotten some polish on them and off of your cuticle. On a couple of nails I didn't do this and you could tell this would be an area that could chip. In order for it to stick to the nail, you need it to only be on the nail. It makes sense. 

You do have to have a little patience as you will do a few rounds of 30 second increments for the base, polish, second coat, and top coat. But if you love doing your nails and having the polish last, then this shouldn't be a problem. I’m looking forward to trying out other colors, darker colors that I can live with for more than a week, but it’s hard. I want to paint my nails a different color too often. And definitely follow the instructions for removing the gel polish as well. Do not be tempted to peel them off like regular polish. 

I like the product and as a mom sometimes I just don’t have time to pamper myself outside of the house. So pampering at home is needed and I would recommend this product. Best bet is to look for a coupon or sale. 

Monday, June 2, 2014

Lands End #GetawayTour Chicago Edition

Thank you to MomSelect and Lands' End for the opportunity to attend this event!

This past Saturday I attended the Land’s End Getaway Tour in Chicago. They set up a pop-up location outside at one of the parking lots located outside of the Old Orchard Mall in Skokie. 

The event was from 11-5 pm. I arrived around 4 pm. When I got there I was greeted and given instructions to tour the area and look at the great swimsuits available. Once I made my way to the end someone was there to take my name so I could have my personal fitting. The personal fitting consisted of 3 important measurements: Bust, Waist, and Hip. With these the numbers the consultant was able to find the best suitable size for me. One we had determined my size we went over the different types of swimsuits and decided what I would try on. I opted for the one-piece single shoulder strap suit and for a tankini. Both fit very well. I think I looked pretty good. Over all the tankini was the better fit for me. And since I’m still working on my six-pack the tankini can help cover up the not so perfect areas. 

Going in I probably would have picked up the wrong size, so I’m glad someone was there to help me find the perfect fit. I think this would be a great service to have at all of the Land’s End locations. 

I was also able to chat with Glamour Ambassador Kendall Farr. She gave me some great styling tips. She showed me the proper way to tie a mesh Sarong cover-up. I admit I had no idea how to do this before, but now that I've learned I might have to start using one. It really is a great piece that is flattering on any body type. The other type of cover up is the empire poncho. I personally love this look. It helps bring attention to the top of my body instead of the bottom. I like that it is flowy at the bottom. 

While I was looking around I noticed a lot of different patterns being mixed together. Dots and stripes, paisley and stripes (see picture below for example); it all looked pretty cool, but I wasn't sure how I would pull of something like that on my own. I asked Kendall what she thought of the trend and she said she loved it, one of her favorites. She said the best way to figure out what to pair together is to look for a predominant color in both patterns. That will tie the look together. 

The other great thing about these pieces is that you can mix and match. This can easily turn two bathing suits into four. That’s a great way to be economical and save room in that suitcase when traveling! 

By the way received this very awesome canvas tote with zipper! Zippers are lifesavers. It will make a great beach bag. Will definitely come in handy this summer!

Their Tote display and My Tote display, plenty of good reads for this summer

If you are unable to attend any of the events you can still join in on the fun.

#GetawayTour Sweepstakes - Enter for a chance to win a Beach House Vacation from Wyndham Vacation Rentals, Summer Reading Library from Random House and Beach Essentials from Lands' End -

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