Monday, August 18, 2014

City Samba by New York Color

I've been trying out a new collection from NYC New York Color called City Samba. Think: Brazillian Beauty Escape. With names like Carnival Red, Sweet Melon, Copabanana, Palm Tree, Amazon Green, Ocean Blue,  Jacaranda Flower, and Tropicoral there's no way to deny it! For  a girl who loves to switch up her shades often, these $1.99 bottles are perfect. I must warn you they dry super quick, which is why In A New York Color Minute Quick Dry Nail Polish is the perfect name.

My two favorite colors were Jacaranda Flower and Palm Tree. I felt that I did need three coats to get the best shade. Taking off the Palm Tree color did prove a bit difficult as I felt it kept staining my fingers, but after some work it all came off.

This collection will be available through September. To find a retailer near you, please visit

The collection also includes:

Liquid Lipshine Lip Gloss ($1.99) in shades: Papaya, Passion Fruit, Guava.

Sun N’ Bronze Bronzing Powder ($4.99) in Rosa Rio and Coral Samba shades 

Show Time Nail Art ($1.99) in Black Ink, Pinkasso and Silverism.