Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Making Waves with Kiss Instawave

I received a free product/sample in order to facilitate my review. All opinions as always are my own.

I have been having so much fun curling my hair these last couple of days. I have been using the Kiss Instawave. It's a curling iron that that automatically does the curl for you. All you have to do is set your hair on the clip and push a button. It twirls your hair around the barrel, tangle-free, and after just a couple of seconds you pull it down and just like magic - a perfect curl.

I admit it did take me a couple of tries to get the hang of it. I was trying to look in a mirror so had to keep remembering to to do the opposite of what I saw! Once I figured out the trick to getting it "hooked" and which way to turn the dial it was super easy, and extremely fast. It probably took about 10 minutes to curl all my hair.

I like looser waves so once I did the curls and put some hair product in it, I finger-combed through it to get the look I wanted. The curls are about one inch, but I've heard they plan on making different sizes in the future. Also once you learn to use it, you'll figure out that the longer you hold your hair in the barrel the tighter the curl will be. This will be my new go to hair tool. I usually flat iron my hair, because I have the hardest time curling my hair and making it last the whole night. But this tool is perfect for me. I'm looking forward to the next time I use. Its like they said: Bringing the Salon Home

Before, During, and After using Instawave. Tip:  For looser curls just use fingers to comb through hair.

Also looks great up in a ponytail!

Available at some of my favorite stores: Target, Ulta, and Amazon.com for SRP: $59.99

visit www.kissinstawave.com for more details and follow @kissproducts on twitter/instagram for the latest in beauty! #KissInstawave

Friday, October 10, 2014

Whitney Eve Pop Up Shop in Chicago #WEinChi

Get ready to shop, Chicago!

This weekend, join Whitney Eve and Whitney Eve Port!– at their first ever "Whitney Eve" pop up shop!. #WEinChi

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Enrique Pitbull Tour Comes to Chicago

For weeks and weeks I waited in anticipation as the date drew nearer. October 3rd. I was finally going to see Enrique Iglesias, after years of not seeing him in concert. I had gotten an awesome pair of tickets to the show, right by the catwalk.

But as the show ended, I couldn't help but feel disappointed. Don’t get me wrong it was a fun night. J Balvin did a couple of songs, I knew only one. I’m a fan of Pitbull when it comes to dancing to his songs for Zumba (thanks Mich), but I really didn't think much of it before. But after seeing him perform, I think he’s great. He really knew how to work the crowd. This night turned out to be more of a Pitbull show. Enrique came on and did a couple of songs; he mostly sang a couple of versus and let the audience sing most of the words. He did a set on the second stage, but it was mostly a fan interaction where they sang a non-Enrique song. Eh, it was alright. I guess the most exciting thing was when a girl got past security and got on stage. It was funny, they had her by the foot, but she still wiggled her way out and jumped on Enrique, good for her! But then of course you got the copy-cat girls who wanted to do the same, and just made things worse. They should have just escorted those girls out instead of trying to keep fighting them to stand still.

Anyway we knew the moment would come when Pitbull would once again emerge. And he did. I thought this was a great half way moment…only to find out it was the end of the show. Enrique’s set was about 45 minutes long. I’m glad I was able to get the cost of my ticket down to half of the original cost, but I can’t imagine that those who paid full price or more to see Enrique were satisfied. In the end I really felt it was a Pitbull concert and Enrique was just the second act. Hopefully the next time around I will be better satisfied. Still love the guy, but yeah, that just wasn't one of his better shows.

J Balvin


Enrique Iglesias

And just for old times sake a throwback to the good ol' days.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Kristin Cavallari Nordstrom Personal Appearance

Meet Kristin Cavallari,shoe designer of Kristin Cavallari by Chinese Laundry, for a special appearance at Nordstrom on Michigan Avenue on Saturday, October 18th from 1:00PM to 2:00PM. Guests will have an opportunity to skip the line to meet Kristin and will have a chance to   win tickets to a Bears game and a shoe wardrobe, all while enjoying tunes spun by DJ Wizz Kidd.

BEARS Ticket Giveaway
Enter for a chance to win a pair of sideline tickets to the Bears Oct 19th game vs. Miami Dolphins.

Shoe Wardrobe Giveaway - 6 pairs
Enter for a chance to win a shoe wardrobe courtesy of Kristin Cavallari by Chinese Laundry!

*Double your chances by purchasing a pair of Kristin Cavallari by Chinese Laundry shoes! See sales associates for more information.

VIP Customers Can Skip The Line!
To attain VIP status, be one of the first 30 Chicago customers to purchase Kristin Cavallari by Chinese Laundry shoes. See sales associate for more information.

*Kristin Cavallari will select the winner of the Bears Tickets & Shoe Wardrobe when the PA ends at 2pm. Must be present to win.